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(in Produktion) 


High in the Rif mountains of Northern Morocco, in a beautiful village cloaked in mist, a portrait of a family. This family and their neighbours are not ordinary farmers. Only one plant grows in this brutal climate. In the shadow of the ambiguous illegality of the crop, people survive by growing marijuana. They are at the centre of where cannabis has been grown and sold in Morocco since the 1950s. Now this activity is illegal, but above all, it is taboo. This is also the story of the farmer’s children, who metaphorically represent this micro-society, mimicking the adult's work through their games. Parents work hard and fight for their children, but, inevitably, they are not providing them with a clear role model. Kids learn how to imitate the gestures of marijuana farming before they learn to speak their own mother tongue.



Dokumentarfilm (in Produktion)

70 min

Kamera: Panasonic Lumix GH5



Kamera: Carina Neubohn

Regie: Yakout Elhababi

Produktion: WoodWater Films

Producer: Karoline Henkel, Jasper Mielke, Arto Sebastian, Yakout Elhababi, Cyriac Auriol


Film Preis der Robert Bosch Stiftung 2017

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